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About the project

  • Role : UI/UX Designer 
  • Duration : 72 hours
  • softwares : Illustrator, adobe xd, balsamiq
  • languages : Arabic, English


What is it briefly

The application streamlines your journey, aiding your travel and tourism in Sudan with ease and comfort, by offering a choice of accommodations, including hotels, resorts, and hotel apartments.

Simultaneously, it empowers owners to exhibit their residential units on the website.

About Hababcom company

As a vanguard in the hotel reservation industry, our platform stands out for delivering exceptional services in securing hotel and furnished apartment accommodations in Sudan. Beyond just bookings, we offer a plethora of additional features, ensuring a seamless and user-friendly experience through both the application and website.

We are dedicated to enhancing the comfort and satisfaction of travelers from across the globe visiting Sudan by presenting them with an extensive assortment of lodging choices. This includes top-tier hotel services, luxuriously furnished apartments, and tranquil resort getaways.

Furthermore, our application paves the way for proprietors of hotels, furnished apartments, and resorts to showcase their available bookings through the dedicated owners’ platform. This integration allows them to be featured among the myriad of options presented to customers, enabling travelers to effortlessly select the accommodation that best aligns with their preferences.


A portion of Sudanese hotels does not accept credit card payments, despite its status as a crucial payment method in today’s world.

Diverse payment options are available, catering to both local residents and international tourists.

Measurement units differ based on the user’s nationality, which can potentially lead to confusion for the traveler.


Some Sudan hotels do not support credit card payments

Incorporate a sophisticated alert feature into the user interface to provide a detailed status update on credit card payment availability, ensuring users are informed promptly and professionally.

The lack of different payment methods for local residents or tourists
Incorporating widely-used payment solutions within Sudan into our platform to streamline transactions, including integration with prevalent services such as Bankkak and SADAD for user convenience.
Units of measurement differ according to the nationality of the user

Implement a customizable unit conversion feature within the settings panel to allow users to seamlessly switch between measurement systems, such as miles to kilometers, enhancing the application’s adaptability to diverse user preferences.

Explanation of application services

Our application offers an array of integrated services designed to enhance your travel and tourism experience in Sudan, combining ease and luxury for a memorable journey.

  • Select your ideal accommodation: Our platform provides a diverse selection of places to stay, ranging from luxurious hotels and serene resorts to convenient hotel apartments.
  • Utilize our comprehensive filter system to refine your search based on your criteria, such as budget, popularity, number of stars, available facilities, neighborhood, and user ratings. This ensures you find the perfect accommodation tailored to your needs with precision and ease.
  • Choose your destination with confidence: Whether it’s a bustling city or a tranquil retreat in Sudan, our application showcases a variety of accommodation options in your selected location.
  • We provide detailed information on prices, available services, and amenities for each hotel or unit, enabling you to make an informed decision that aligns with your preferences and budget.
  • Book your stay and process payments effortlessly, with the convenience of multiple payment options at your fingertips.
  • Catering to a global clientele, the application features multilingual support in both Arabic and English, facilitating easy access to our services for customers across the Middle East and around the world.

Site mapping

What are the stages and screens that the user goes through from the moment of entering the application.


Preliminary and low fidelity design before the actual design stage.


All fonts sizes and weights used within the application.


All colors used in the application.

High fidelity designs

Final designs for Hababcom application.

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