Moller Magdy


Cairo, Egypt

Creating intuitive and user-friendly design solutions driven by user-centered methodologies.

Creating intuitive and immersive UI/UX designs driven by user-centered methodologies, consistently delivering engaging and seamless user experiences.

UX Projects

Explore a snapshot of my career through these impactful projects.


Explore my diverse clients and the innovative UI/UX design solutions I’ve tailored to meet each unique set of needs and requirements.

My Expertise

These are the core areas of focus that predominantly feature in most of my UI/UX design projects.

  • UI/UX design​

    Crafting creative and practical solutions via visually stunning digital products to address user challenges, enhancing their experience and interaction.

  • Graphic design​

    I enhance the User Interface (UI) by incorporating exceptional graphic design elements when needed, such as rebranding logos, designing landing pages, creating backgrounds, among other features.

  • WordPress

    I transform unique designs into fully functional, dynamic WordPress websites, delivering a seamless and intuitive user experience that enhances online presence and engagement.

  • Programming

    I elevate website designs by applying advanced programming and customization using languages such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, and C#.

Work experience

With a proven track record in rousing UI/UX designs, I have helped transform user experiences across various platforms and industries in my previous roles.

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