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Moller Magdy

UI UX Designer

Creating intuitive and user-friendly design solutions driven by user-centered methodologies.

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Défilé creation

The Defile app revolves around exhibitions organized by Pyramids International, offering users, especially traders, comprehensive access to exhibition details and providing an effortlessly friendly means for local traders to frequently attend these exhibitions.

Thalili (Grad project)

Thalili is a cutting-edge medical analysis platform designed to assist patients in finding laboratories that offer specific medical analyses at competitive prices, convenient locations, and with uncompromised quality.


The application serves as a premier platform for effortlessly locating the most adept service professionals such as plumbers, carpenters, and more tailored to your specific requirements. It prioritizes proximity, competitive pricing, and highly rated expertise to ensure that users are matched with the ideal tradesperson for their needs.

Khaled cars

The application is designed to streamline the online auction process, providing users with a sleek and sophisticated platform. It enables presenters to conduct auctions in an environment that is both well-organized and highly flexible, thereby enhancing the overall user experience to the highest standard.


The application streamlines your journey, aiding your travel and tourism in Sudan with ease and comfort, by offering a choice of accommodations, including hotels, resorts, and hotel apartments.

Surprise me

The application serves as an innovative Electronic Tour Guide, meticulously designed for avid travelers and explorers. It offers a sophisticated and personalized journey planning experience by curating destinations and scheduling excursions tailored to the user’s culinary preferences and desired activities.
April 2024 - Now
UI UX Designer at El-Moasser
Collaborated with cross-functional teams, including developers and product managers, to integrate design with functionality.

Developed and maintained a design system to ensure consistency across all digital products.
April 2024 - Now
Mar 2023 – Mar 2024
Military Service
Military Service: Completed 🥳🥳
Mar 2023 – Mar 2024
April 2021 - Feb 2023
UI UX designer Freelancer
Successfully carried out an extensive design and usability project for the Pyramids Group’s exhibition application, “Defile App”.

Selected among 20+ trainees to freelance for MagdSoft, where I executed 3 major projects for their clients:

“Hbabkom” app
“Khaled cars” app
“Fanni” app.
April 2021 - Feb 2023
July 2021 - Sept 2021
CrossWorkers Internship
I conducted client interviews to gather insights, analyzed the information, and initiated design processes for a user-centric approach.

Improved usability of Partner Website’s hotel control system, reducing the need for system trainers and cutting costs for the company.

Collaborated with a team of senior developers designing and refining over 20 screens Partner Website, internal ERP solution, and mobile application for major Scandinavian travel company.
July 2021 - Sept 2021
Mar 2021 - April 2021
Magdsoft Internship
Completed a month-long internship, producing 2 unique interaction design projects :

Redesign “FBGame” app
Design form scratch “Surprise me” app
Mar 2021 - April 2021
June 2017 - july 2022
Graphic Designer
Worked with diverse clients and local firms, creating over 200+ social media designs that boosted their online presence.

Crafted 7 brand identities for organizations and shops, enhancing their market value.

Structured a lot of calligraphy and typography designs and banners.

Produced custom designs as per client requirements, including banners, menus, flyers, cards, bookmarks, covers, etc."
June 2017 - july 2022

Work Experience

With a proven track record in rousing UI/UX designs, I have helped transform user experiences across various platforms and industries in my previous roles.


Equipped with a diverse skill set, including proficiency in design tools, user research, and front-end development, I bring creativity and technical expertise to every project.

Technical skills

  • Design : Figma, Abode XD, Adobe photoshop, Adobe illustrator, Balsamiq
  • publishing : WordPress, Web flow
  • programming : C#, html, CSS, JavaScirpt

Other skills

  • Research & Design : Content mapping, site mapping, User research, Service Design, Scenario Design, System Design, User flows, Wireframes, mock-ups, Interaction design, Task Analysis, Prototyping, design reveal presentation.

  • Personal : Digital painting, Illustration & UI graphics, Graphic Design, Communicative, team worker.

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