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About the project

  • Role : UI/UX Designer 
  • Duration : 58 hours
  • softwares : illustrator, adobe xd, balsamiq
  • languages : Arabic, English


What is it the client idea

The application serves as an innovative Electronic Tour Guide, meticulously designed for avid travelers and explorers. It offers a sophisticated and personalized journey planning experience by curating destinations and scheduling excursions tailored to the user’s culinary preferences and desired activities. The platform’s intelligent algorithms suggest the optimal itinerary, ensuring a seamless travel adventure.

Moreover, all transactions are effortlessly handled through the app’s secure payment system, offering users a cashless and convenient experience. This feature eliminates the need for carrying additional cash, thus enhancing safety and convenience for travelers.

The app’s intuitive interface also provides real-time updates and recommendations, catering to the dynamic needs of the modern traveler. Whether it’s finding the hidden gems of a city or connecting to local cultural events, this Electronic Tour Guide is the quintessential companion for crafting an unforgettable travel narrative.


  • Personalization Precision: Every traveler has a unique set of preferences and enjoys their journey differently. The challenge lies in crafting an algorithm that accurately captures and reflects these diverse tastes to deliver a truly customized experience.

  • Schedule Optimization: Users may struggle with efficiently organizing their time or creating a feasible itinerary. The app needs to offer intelligent scheduling assistance that can simplify this process, ensuring a well-structured and enjoyable trip.

  • Curated Selection: The possibility exists that a user may not resonate with the app’s suggested locations, or they may not be in the mood for the recommended places.
  • Tailored Packing Guidance: Travelers may require specific items such as beachwear or sportswear during their travels.


Personalization Precision
Upon initiating their travel journey, users are engaged with an elegantly streamlined onboarding sequence, encompassing 7 distinctive screens. This sequence is expertly crafted to delineate their travel predilections with pinpoint accuracy. Preferred gastronomy, choice of entertainment and leisure activitiesgroup size, and specific user sensitivities such as phobias are meticulously cataloged, alongside preferred payment methodologies. This process ensures a highly personalized and enjoyable travel agenda, reflecting the unique tastes and comfort levels of the user.
Schedule Optimization
The application boasts an advanced geolocation tracking system that continuously syncs with the user’s movements to meticulously curate an itinerary, attending to every detail of their journey. It also maintains up-to-date information on the destination’s location, including necessary details such as the anticipated duration of stay and streamline access with integrated entry barcode facilitation. This ensures a frictionless and efficient travel experience tailored to the user’s real-time position and schedule.
Curated Selection
Upon arrival at each destination, the application intelligently suggests a specific place of interest. For users seeking alternatives, a convenient “Let Me Think” button offers two additional tailored options, ensuring the user’s preferences are given paramount consideration for an optimal experience.
Tailored Packing Guidance

At the commencement of each journey, the application proactively reminds the traveler to pack specific essentials such as sportswearbeach attire, and a camping tent based on the anticipated activities throughout their trip.

Site mapping

What are the stages and screens that the user goes through from the moment of entering the application.


Preliminary and low fidelity design before the actual design stage.


All fonts sizes and weights used within the application.


All colors used in the application.

High fidelity designs

Final designs for the application.

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