Khaled cars

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About the project

  • Role : UI/UX Designer 
  • Duration : 58 hours
  • softwares : illustrator, adobe xd, balsamiq
  • languages : Arabic, English


What is it briefly
The application is designed to streamline the online auction process, providing users with a sleek and sophisticated platform. It enables presenters to conduct auctions in an environment that is both well-organized and highly flexible, thereby enhancing the overall user experience to the highest standard.

About khaled cars

Khaled Cars Showroom was inaugurated grounded in a thorough knowledge and profound insight of both past and present car market conditions. We understand the difficulties you face and the displeasure you often feel when selling your car. Furthermore, it is clear to us that receiving a dependable and just price for your vehicle is a priority for you when putting it up for sale.

Moreover, your preference to engage with credible and sincere individuals is acknowledged. Hence, we stand ready to showcase and professionally market your car across various digital platforms, including websites and social media, maximizing its exposure to the widest audience possible.


The client’s limited awareness of the car’s true state, including its potential damages, operational status, or roadworthiness, can lead to variances in valuation that are subjective.

Failing to establish a fair price by the seller can pose financial risks to the buyer.

– Challenges in pinpointing the precise specifications of the desired vehicle can be significant for the client.


Khaled Cars Evaluation
Khaled Cars meticulously assesses the vehicle’s condition, discerning whether it has damages, is non-operational, or is in fine shape, ensuring an equitable representation to the customer.
Online auction
The firm establishes a just starting price for the vehicle; subsequently, users tender offers via the app, allowing the customer to view the eventual selling price, ensuring that the car is sold to the top bidder in an equitable process.
Advanced search filtering

Given the variety of car makes and models, the system streamlines the selection of automobiles advertised for auction, categorizing them by type, year of manufacture, condition, price, among other criteria.

Site mapping

What are the stages and screens that the user goes through from the moment of entering the application.


Preliminary and low fidelity design before the actual design stage.


All fonts sizes and weights used within the application.


All colors used in the application.

High fidelity designs

Final designs for the application.

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