Thalili (Grad project)

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About the project

  • Role : UI/UX Designer 
  • Duration : 62 hours
  • softwares : illustrator, photoshop, adobe xd, balsamiq
  • languages : Arabic, English


What is it Thalili
Thalili is a cutting-edge medical analysis platform designed to assist patients in finding laboratories that offer specific medical analyses at competitive prices, convenient locations, and with uncompromised quality.Originally developed as a graduation project for the “Faculty of Computer and Information” Thalili has evolved into a comprehensive online solution accessible on all internet-connected devices. The platform features essential functions such as search, account creation, search filtering, rating and review submission, and the ability to order an agent for sample collection, effectively addressing common challenges in traditional labs. In addition to user-centric features, Thalili incorporates an administrative website, enabling efficient system management, order monitoring, and lab rating oversight. Thalili is a testament to our commitment to developing a user-friendly, efficient, and technologically advanced solution for the medical analysis domain.

How it Works ?

Thalili is a standalone system that involves three key actors: Admin, Lab Owner, and User.
  • User Responsibilities:
    • Selecting analyses from specific labs and placing orders.
    • Ordering agents for sample collection.
  • Lab Owner Responsibilities:
    • Modifying their own analysis.
    • Viewing all requests made to their lab.
    • Dispatching an agent/nurse for each order to collect samples.
  • Admin (Thalili Team) Responsibilities:
    • Overseeing and managing labs.
    • Monitoring all orders.
    • Viewing comprehensive information on users and labs.

Projects Keys

  • Search and Filter: The platform provides a robust search functionality, allowing users to search for specific labs or analyses with ease. Advanced filtering options enable users to refine their search based on specific criteria, enhancing the precision of results.
  • Order an Agent: Users have the option to effortlessly order a dedicated agent or nurse for the collection of samples required for the analysis.
  • Unified Results: All analysis results are conveniently consolidated in the user’s account, providing a centralized and easily accessible repository for comprehensive information.

How we import those ?

Search and Filter:
The platform excels in offering a robust search functionality, empowering users to effortlessly seek specific labs or analyses with utmost ease. Furthermore, the incorporation of advanced filtering options elevates the search experience, allowing users to meticulously refine their queries based on specific criteria. This sophisticated feature significantly contributes to enhancing the precision of results, ensuring users can efficiently pinpoint the exact information they seek. The platform’s commitment to user-friendly and precise search capabilities exemplifies its dedication to providing a professional and effective service for medical analysis needs.
Order an Agent
The user/patient possesses the capability to order an agent from any chosen lab for the convenient collection of essential samples, including blood, from the comfort of their home. Following sample collection, the selected lab will diligently process the analyses and transmit the results securely through the user’s designated account on the website. This streamlined process ensures both accessibility and efficiency in managing healthcare information.
Unified Results:
All analysis results are conveniently consolidated in the user’s account, establishing a centralized and easily accessible repository for comprehensive information. This approach ensures efficient organization and retrieval of critical medical data, emphasizing the platform’s commitment to professionalism and user-centric accessibility.


All fonts sizes and weights used within the Website.


All colors used in the website.

High fidelity designs

Final designs for the website.

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