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About the project

  • Role : UI/UX Designer 
  • Duration : 58 hours
  • softwares : illustrator, adobe xd, balsamiq
  • languages : Arabic, English


What is it the client idea

The application serves as a premier platform for effortlessly locating the most adept service professionals such as  plumbers, carpenters, and more tailored to your specific requirements. It prioritizes proximity, competitive pricing, and highly rated expertise to ensure that users are matched with the ideal tradesperson for their needs.

Seamlessly communicate your maintenance issues through the app, and with the convenience of a few clicks, dispatch the best-suited professional directly to your doorstep to address and resolve the problem.

Our platform emphasizes reliability and satisfaction by featuring a detailed roster of certified and customer-reviewed workers, enabling you to make informed decisions with ease.


  • Abundant Options: The array of skilled professionals available through the app may overwhelm users, making it difficult to decide on the right worker for their needs.

  • Dynamic Pricing: The cost for services within the app may fluctuate based on the complexity of the task assigned to a professional. This variable pricing, while reflective of the effort involved, could cause confusion and appear inconsistent to users, affecting their perception of reliability.


Abundant Options
The app provides a feature where users can access detailed profiles of service providers, including customer reviewsgeographic locationavailable working hoursportfolio images of completed jobs, and a price bracket. This comprehensive insight aids users in making an informed selection from the wide array of available workers to address their specific issues.
Dynamic Pricing

When users enlist a service via the app, they are prompted to specify the type of service needed and to upload photos illustrating the issue. The app then offers an estimated cost grounded in the prices of similar jobs recently completed by the provider. This streamlined process ensures users have a clear understanding of the likely charges before committing to a service.

Site mapping

What are the stages and screens that the user goes through from the moment of entering the application.


All fonts sizes and weights used within the application.


All colors used in the application.

High fidelity designs

Final designs for the application.

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